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the Dude

I watched the Big Lebowski again today. Sometime I wish I was like the Dude. He is totally aware and content. Absolutely ok with who he is, isn't. Jeff Bridges reminded me to watch Arlington Road soon too, I really enjoyed that one when it came out. I love Tim Robbins. He's filming with Phillip Noyce right now, a film about an ANC freedom fighter. Noyce is also directing American Pastoral, from Philip Roth's novel. I bought some stock on the Hollywood Stock Exchange for that one but so far it hasn't paid much.

Also watched The Fellowship of the Ring. How can a movie get better even after so many many times? I hope King Kong will have that same magic.


Lucas Shibley said…
Whereas the dude abides, I am merely biding my time. Thanks for posting a comment on my bloggy thingy. :-D

Here is hoping that we can all live a life worth examining.