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I miss

your eyes on me your hands on me your fingers in me your teeth on my neck your mouth on my tits your hands on my ass my face between your legs my tongue on your balls your cock on my face in my mouth my fingers running down your body the taste of your skin your skin under my fingers my hands holding your face your hands holding my hips your fingers planted in my skin your tongue inside me your looking down at me sucking licking drinking tasting eating loving your body moving me watching in the mirror moaning crying wanting taking giving look how beautiful you are I want to fuck you hard now take it off no oh yes yes yes I see you looking I see now I still feel you inside me still smell taste want want need...

I changed my mind, I'm not thankful you let go.


Lucas Shibley said…
OMG, I think I need to take a cold shower after reading that. Quite an erotic turn of mind you have there. :-P

I mean... Jesus Christ... Honestly.

Ceros said…
Nice stream of consciousness, and a bilingual blog at that. Nice work. Break ups suck.

swan_pr said…
thank you ceros :) you termed it perfectly right.