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I miss my mom. I never thought I would, not that bad. She was sick for so long, when she finally passed away I thought I was through mourning. And quite frankly, I was. I couldn't handle it anymore. She had no family, I'm an only child. So the responsabilities were just suffocating me. And I felt ashamed for being relieved when she died. But as with everything, I coped.

It will be 5 years on December 12th. The day after my birthday. And right now the only person I really want to speak with is her. Funny, while she was alive we rarely had mother-daughter talks. I was mostly the mom anyways. Not only in the last years, but all my life. I never turned to her when I really I should've. I think I denied her of her role, in my constant need for control.

I never agreed with the choices she made in her life. And I blamed her for a long time for my short comings. I was strong enough to get to here, but not enough to face the reality of my own weaknesses. I always thought she could've done more for us. She was smart enough to know it too. But maybe she did do enough. I see that now, when I look at my own children. What is it that I need to do for them, more than love them, accept who they are becoming and show them how beautiful life can be?

Now my mom is gone, and every day I wish she was here. But she still lives in me, and as the years pass, everything about her that I was denying myself to be is sufacing. I can live with that now.