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Shopping... take II

I hate, hate, hate going to the mall. And during the holiday season even more. Christmas music blowing, full blast... You can't even think it's so loud. I think they do this so you can't keep track of how much money you've spent.

I found my dress though, after like 10 stores. I'm happy with it, L. is not thrilled, it's floor lenght. He always wants me to dress slutty. And he was disapointed because I didn't buy nylons. Ah jesus fucking christ. Can I just spend one day, one single day without having to deal with this?

I need some time off. From everything, everyone. Ok, I gotta brace myself for the next month. There will be no time off. No breaks. Gotta be strong, gotta be nice to everyone. I gotta let go. Mmmm maybe I should drink more. Or smoke. No, I'll get through it. Come January, it will be a new year, and hopefully a new life.


You know if he's unhappy with your dress because it's not slutty, he's obviously thinking of himself and not you. To me this would be an easy and quick decision.

If you put your finger on a hot grill, you will remove it quickly to stop the pain. Why would you put it back?

Just my 2 ¢
Stephaine said…
Men do not understand that a female can be slutty in a floor length dress. Nor do they understand that we need to be comfortable as well as look good to have a fun time. Tell him to wear some nylons.
Oh I understand ;-)

And no you can't use the comfort excuse. Theres no way you can explain the comfort of those thin toe-crushing high-heels, those respitarory constricting push-up bras and WAXING. ;-)

What L. needs to understand is that the whole world doesnt need to know if she's slutty or not. It's not up to him, but her. He's only thinking of himself in this case. Women arent arm-candy.
swan_pr said…
lolll, I've made him wear the nylons... but he'll never have the full effect without everything else that jeliel mentioned!