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Ten things I never said but should've

Surfing blogs I was directed by Stephaine to Secret Garden for an interesting exercise... Ten things I never said but should've. Just list them without putting the name of the persone they're intended to. The funny thing is, as they both mention, is that you realize after writing them down that they can be directed to more than one person.

1. No it's not ok.
2. I never meant to do this to you, I'm sorry.
3. Shut up already!
4. I'm sorry I didn't say I love you more often.
5. Please leave.
6. I don't want you in my life anymore.
7. Sure you can come over.
8. Yes I do mind.
9. Your heroin habit is a turn off really.
10. It was me that stole that gram from your stash, sorry about the problems it brought you.

I enjoyed that :)

I'm glad I'm not into drugs anymore... I haven't touched anything in over 15 years except the occasional joint. And I still have issues with that part of my life, imagine.


Stephaine said…
Congratulations on kicking the habit. It takes a really,really strong person to do it.

Glad you played along. I find that some of our answers are similar except of course for my swearing but I'm working on it.
~~Kath~~ said…
Thanks for playing along, I enjoyed reading yours! ~~Kath~~
swan_pr said…
stephaine, please, don't :)
kath, thank you for the opportunity :)