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From my fingers
From my eyes
From my heart
Between my legs

All the drips converge. They mean the same thing. Fusion of my fluidity.

I am water. I am blood.

I realize that everything I've tried to put into compartments actually belongs together.

The reasons for this, the explanations for that.

The noise... of course it won't stop. It's the perpetual garbage truck.

And it's the drips.

I fucking ache at times.

I fucking leak.


if i had a plug id pass it to you through my computer screen ;)

this is one of my favourite posts by you...the way u pour your heart out in words is what makes your blog so addictive.
Anonymous said…
"I fucking leak"

God, you're good.

I loved this post.
swan_pr said…
face: I think the same of yours :) thank you.

veronica: thank you, thank you also for being out there.
Swan and her winter of discontent.

Yer a poet
and didn't know it

Seriously good wording.
swan_pr said…
jeliel: it's as good as it gets, with occasional thaws. I really like that phrase, will probably steal it for a future post, with due credit of course!
thank you :)