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The frayed ends of sanity

Just flirting with paranoia. Just sweet talk in my ear.

I've created I think.

A space, a time.

Angers, justifies, explains.

The eyes, the minds that judge me.

I am alone, I am surrounded.

I drown within the black of my hopes.

I do not falter under the weight of your good conscience.

I am the center, bullseye on my fingers.

I am love, I am embrace, I am despair, I am sorrow.

I will give until I am emtpy, weather there's a taker or not.


Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
"I will give until I am emtpy, weather there's a taker or not."

This is the #1 thing that drives me crazy about myself. Which brings to mind Chris at Inane Ramblings and his sentence stems, because if I valued myself more I would stop doing it. It's a constant struggle, a monkey on my back, a thorn in my side. Eh, I can't think of anymore analogies.

Thank you for the compliment and I feel the same when I read what you've written.
Anonymous said…
I listened to every second of the song. . . as loud as my little speaker would go.
swan_pr said…
stephaine: yes, as much as I'm not into that self help stuff, Chris' really brings out thoughts worth our time with the sentence stems.

I'm glat we're on the same page :)

moonwart: told ya it was worth your time :) doesn't it say everything?