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Hotmail lags

I've been using hotmail forever. I don't know 8, 9 years? I don't know if it's just me, but lately it's been acting up. Some delays in delivery. Sometimes for up to 2 hours! Just tonight, I tested it, and there's a 5 minutes lag when I send from Hotmail to Yahoo. I send from Yahoo, receive right away in Hotmail. But once in a while I will get that 60-90 minutes lag, usually when it's something sent between Hotmail accounts.

Now, five minutes is not a big deal. It's nothing actually. But anything over thirty minutes is ridiculous. I use both Lotus Notes (what a heap of shit that is) and Hotmail at work. And I am now considering switching totally to Yahoo. The main problem is that I can't install Yahoo messenger at work, so I would have to keep a browser window opened at all times. I actually installed the Yahoo bar, and it gives me alerts when I have new mail. But I still have to have that window opened. And I've customized Hotmail so much over the years, folders, options, blocked senders, signatures, etc... just the thought of doing that all over again on depresses me. I would also have to alert all my contacts, which can be done quickly, but would require a lot of reminders as well.

I love Yahoo's interface, it's alot less busy. And all the options and folders are easily accesible, not tiny and buried under huge flashing banners. Yahoo is saying that you will be able to access your Hotmail account from there soon. That would be great.

It took me five minutes to switch from IE to Firefox (well, Mozilla at the time), but this change might take a while longer. But I think it will come, unless I'm not crazy and Hotmail is really having problems (right, like they're going to tell us) and are working on it... Man I'm lazy.


G-mail is the way to go. Want an invite?
swan_pr said…
I guess I have to try it out. It's over between Hotmail and me :) Yes please!
Chris said…
Love the Beatles' tune!

I just got a new mail server at work and we are getting the kinks worked out. I hate it when it doesn't immediately shoot out to the recipient. I get "relaying delayed" messages....grrrrr.

Hope you find a better email solution!

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swan_pr said…
chris: gmail will be my new home very soon, it's a lot of fun :)

thanks to amadeo and jeliel for their invite :)