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I covet, you covet, he covets, we all covet

Yes the grass seems greener. Her boobs larger, her ass tighter, his dick bigger, his teeth whiter.

So, it was a great trip. Beautiful place. I had a great time, relaxing, enjoying time spent with the kids. I was two people. The happy mom. The frustrated wife. I just don't understand. I couldn't even take my hands of ME, why wouldn't he not want me? I see him looking at the girls. That's fine, I don't mind. What I mind is why not look at me, why not invite me for a date, why not at least tell me one word? One. Just the bikini was major. For me anyway. I don't depend on him saying something, it just would've been nice. Would've made a difference, would've shown his commitment to our relationship, which nearly died in December.

I was craving sex all the time we were there. I tried. But in a way, maybe not as hard as I could. But as hard as I was willing. Clothes, smiles, kisses...

Since I lost weight, and started to take care of me, my body is screaming, awake, hungry. Was the weight the issue? I don't think so. But the process brought me here. I'm sorry for all the time lost. The time spent ignoring myself. Denying my feminity. Deperate to feel, but I didn't know.

So I'm stuck with an itch. The doorjamb just doesn't cut it. Thus I covet.


Take a lover. Works for one of my friends. But then she was never made for the married life, she needs to play to much, it's her nature. She still loves her hubby but she needs fun time from someone else.
swan_pr said…
hum... remember Jim?
Anonymous said…
The grass can be full of manure. So watch where you scratch that itch.
swan_pr said…
I'm still scraping it off my shoes!

thus I covet... Looking over the fence...
riskybiz said…
Take a lover?
To me that should not be the first choice, it almost broke my marriage up.
Even tougher to figure out when there is kids involved.
I don't think it was your weight, maybe your self esteem.
Spyder said…
so I'll pour the first drink you get the second. I figure 1 full bottle, a bucket of ice, 2 rock glasses, 3 or 4 limes.
The crunchy one said…
(keeping my mouth shut ~ not much into monogamy so......)
swan_pr said…
risky: you are right about the self esteem. however, it's not a matter of it being first choice. too much stuff comes into play. sometimes all that stuff can blind you, sometimes the burden is just too heavy to bear. sometimes you just need a good fuck.

spyder: you trying to get me drunk?

cruchy: thanks for the support ;)
Sorry, I must have been out to lunch on the whole Jim thing.

Risky, as a supplier of human fullfilment, you should know that as long as you don't get busted it's OK ;) (making reference to the movie here) But you know some booty calls with the right discrete person can be a good thing. And so much fun :D
Oh and there's always BOB, dependable, longlasting and easy to hide :D
swan_pr said…

Hey, I'm picky. Not just any Dick will do!
The Battery Operated Boyfriend isn't just any dick LOL =)
swan_pr said…
*blush* ohhhhhhh, that Bob. I though another Bob, who's def. not my type.

I should've picked up on that... :P
LOL :D I couldn't help but bring up BOB. The devil made me do