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It's the thin skin under the thick one

But it's all good. Damn if I can't learn from my mistakes. I let things overwhelm me, inside. Never outside. I'm cool. I'm the fucking embodiment of cool. Inside, inside is where it's going on.

Learning also to let enough shit to seep out, keep enough in. Balance. Oh, it gets heavier on this side here once in a while. But never enough that I loose sight of reality. Of the world outside.

Just add some fluff. Just add some light. Just add some laughs. And you got me. All of it.


Anonymous said…
Even dormant volcanoes erupt when enough pressure builds up.

Anonymous said…
Flueernutter? Isn't it that marshmallow thing I saw at the grocerie? ;) Aaaannnyyways...

Just to say that gmail uber-rule over hotmail and yahoo... ;)
swan_pr said…
stephaine: I never tried that stuff, it scares me ;)

amadeo: ok, ok, gmail it is. merci d'être passé :)