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Why did you come here?

It was just to see, just to see, all the things you knew, I'd written about you.

But you never came back. Still, you are around. Still, you talk.

The two worlds travel side by side. You are stuck in reality.

I am stuck in the words, again.

Images, moving images. Flying sounds carrying your voice.

I am surrounded by you, separated by the waves.

I made room, too much room when you leave.

One play, one role, one line.

Cut. Let's get rid of the script, for once.

When the lights go down, when the make up comes off, let's escape.

Take your path. To my parallel world.


Carmo said…
Chris said…
This was fantastic. A great, deep thought. Do you ever read Jodi's blog?
Jodi's blog
Her poetry blog
You would like it, I think. Especially some of her recent poems. Your styles can be similar at times.

My Blog
swan_pr said…
chris: thank you, and thank you for the links. I'm heading there right now.