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A lesson

Something. Something in the history that we wanted to write.

That will never make it in the books.

Jumping was the easy part. But climbing out became our daily gamble.

What was there to lose but frowns upon our good life?

Sill, stalled on the lips of the well, sitting and waiting and thinking about not thinking.

Faltering, bending, giving in. Going back and back to the start line.

One too many times. 

This is the last time. This is the last time.

Who fell... Who's out dancing with the world, crying to be dead?

Who's alive... Who's trapped in the silence of too much certainty?

It's not our souls that are lost. The words showed them the way.

Long before we stopped understanding them. 



j-julie said…
Tiens, nouveau point de vue pour moi..who's alive: trapped! And souls have been trained?!? I choose to re-educate my soul. That's all!
FrenzY said…
Talk on flor, Walk on poor, Want's more.

The way, Away, just pray.
I'm melting.


Thinking of not thinking to.

Welcom in ailes.
swan_pr said…
J-Julie: "And did you exchange a walk on part in the war for a lead role in a cage?"

Je vois plutôt ça comme nos âmes ont toujours su trouver leur chemin :)

FrenzY: not thinking can be heaven par exemple.
J-julie said…
Yes dear! Put me in a cage and I'll escape as easely as the first time. Roaarrrr! Feels soooo good!
swan_pr said…
No more cages for me. my hands are bleeding.
j-julie said…
Ouppss! J'ai compris à l'envers.. no more lead role, looking from behind is way more interesting!! sorry :-)
swan_pr said…
j-julie: tout est toujours ouvert à interprétation tu sais :)