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Defrag, scandisk et al

Deleted. Not yet. Not quite.

Coming back. Regaining some kind of human form.

The deletion amplifying as my mind eases into a comfortable position. 

Like passes. Like a file cleaner. How many passes should I allow?

Complete irradication. Or traces. Lost file fragments.

Things are starting to make sense again.

Reality is not hiding, not a nightmare, not unbearable.

I don't want to disapear, not as much anyway.

Thought I needed to format, but 

BSOD... Memory dump. Reboot.

The files survived after all.

Compress old files? Yes. 

I'm much quicker on startup, with minimal damage.



Perrasiste said…
"Sorry, could not open unexisting file. Please try again."
Veronica said…
Wow. Deletion?
This actually gave me a feeling of fearfullness.
swan_pr said…
perrasiste: the system has performed an illegal operation.

Veronica: fear not. many things have been considered for deletion. for release purposes. not disapearance :)
Perrasite said…
The system maintenance is now due. Please insert Disk A.
swan_pr said…
maintenance completed.