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Silent, silent storm

Life has sucked me in. It has no intention of spitting me out right now. I'm lost, very lost, in the deepest hole I've ever been in.

I might stay silent for another day, or a week, I don't know.

Everything I have, I am giving this hole, in hopes to fill it.

It might work. I hope so.

Thank you for being here, always. 


DAVE said…
So it takes six guys six days to dig six holes. Hom much time would it take one to dig half a hole?
The hole said…
My pleasure.
Quartz said…
Good luck.
frenzY said…
pleasir to be here, there, everywhere. as you desire, as my wanted dead or alive.


take care. xxx
Chris said…
I am hoping that you find a rope, a ladder, or a hand extended to pull you out, when you are ready.
harry steed said…
I think I understand some of what you said this day.
Hope you'll be back soon
But what's important is you'll be well.
But it's hard, I believe I know that.

Harry steed
Andy said…
Take the time you need.
Desfois, c'est comme ça. J'crois que c'est toi qui m'a déjà dit ça.

Je sais pas si j'te l'ai dit, mais je t'en remercie.
À mon tour. Non, au tien...
swan_pr said…
Dave, the Hole, Quartzy, frenzY: merci mille fois :)

Chris: I have found a hand indeed. if I believed in a god, I would say I have found faith. I guess I have found me.

Harry: merci, je sais. que vous savez, et c'est d'un grand réconfort, je vous l'assure.

Andy: ne nous confondons pas alors :) c'est à moi maintenant! merci.