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First: If you get lost in here, check in the sidebar...Under the Pages, right above the Categories... A tiny link to the main page. Why? Because I have no time to learn CSS and fix this properly, and that's the best temporary solution I found... Eventually, I promise. That and the ugly links in IE. And the cutoff letters in the post titles in FF... I have to stop here cause I'll go on and on.

Second: I've updated my feeds in Bloglines and decided to make my profile public, the whole thing, except for blogs that I'm trying out (you don't even want to know how many there are in that folder...) I can't possibly link all the blogs I read here. And soon I will clean them up and update them. My Bloglines links will always be available though. (Link in the side bar as well)

I know, I know, there's a lot. I know, I don't comment. But I READ, believe me. 

Quand je dis que je bouffe les mots, quand je dis que j'en ai jamais assez...  

PS: I'm open to suggestions, for English blogs (poetry, short stories, prose, thoughts, well, you know...) Looking for new reads.