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Introducing a new pronoun

And I wanted to tell you something sweet.

Something that didn't hurt.

But despite my good will, I am silenced, the words trapped.

The right ones. The ones that belong.

I never used you before, I always was sufficient.

Then you. So I.

You hold a mirror that I want shattered.

But you hold it with such abandon, such generosity. 

And still all I can think of is the disguise I should wear.

A reflection I can deal with.

A reflection you have seen through long ago.

When you put it down, the mirror,

I hope that in your eyes will remain the image of what I can be.

It's all here, all in here, between you and me.


FrenzY said…
Time for a défragmentation. hang up. I'll be back soon.

Love-soeur. xx