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MSN and productivity at work

swan_pr: oh shit... did you hear that? another bake sale at the church... fuck! we're gonna hear about her fuckin streussel all week

roxy: ugh... and what was that about wesley snipes on the kitchen table with annabella whateshername? "I could see myself there" ewwwwwww

swan_pr: well, now we know she likes black dudes with fat cocks :p

roxy: as IF

swan_pr: yeah... she and steve prolly don't have any. anyways, she'll confess on sunday. forgive me father for I have sinned. I have thougth of wesley's cock this week while making my streussel

roxy: lollllll FUCK ME FATHER FUCK ME NOW!!!!

swan_pr: hehe... with the crucifix, take it BITCH

roxy: steve wants to jump in

swan_pr: nah, he's jerkin off watching

roxy: flames of hell licking his ass

swan_pr: they're fine, absolved every sunday. fucking anglicans 


frenz said…
(moi aussi je veux le chist osti.)

(avec une langue bien fraîche biensur et aussi ce sera pour emporter.)
DAVE said…
ROTFLMAO :D Damn and here us guys had dominion on foul disgusting subject matter, you mmm ladies, take the cake LOL :D
swan_pr said…
swan: le corps du christ, avec un criss de corps... mmmm. caramel et chocolat pour ta langue xxx

dave: she has dogs too. great conversation piece I tell you!
Chris said…
So THAT'S where Wesley Snipes is hiding out from the IRS for failure to pay taxes......between her legs:)

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